Client List

  • ComputerSite Engineering Inc. helps mission critical data centers develop and operate reliable site infrastructure in order to provide continuous information availability to clients and employees. Our services include reviews of electrical and mechanical systems for continuous availability, reliability criteria for new or renovated facilities, management consulting to justify investment, strategic conceptual design and budgeting, detailed design oversight, program and technical management construction monitoring, management of critical equipment procurement and installation, site commissioning, and training. Our services supplement and enhance those provided by the architect and the engineer of record by focusing on fault tolerance and concurrent maintenance.

    We provide counsel on new technologies, industry trends, competing products and vendors, and operational issues. Our depth of experience and broad industry recognition allow us to clearly define your reliability concerns and predict the consequences of inadequate design or improper operation.

    ComputerSite Engineering Inc.'s clients include both large and small data centers in diverse industries having a common need for reliable and accessible information on a “24 by forever” basis. Listed to the right are a few of our clients, which include some of North America's leading companies with critical information availability needs.