Our Customers

ComputerSite Engineering Inc. provides its customers with nationally recognized, industry expert, management consulting services. Using a combination of business and engineering disciplines supported by senior practitioners, we assist our clients in building a business case for making major strategic uptime-management changes to achieve reliability, availability, and serviceability objectives. Typical needs of our customers include:


  • Comprehensive review/assessment of a facility’s infrastructure downtime risks, levels of fault tolerance, maintenance limitations, and uptime interfaces. (See Continuous Availability Review)
  • “Behind-the-curtain” mechanical system performance reviews, looking at make-up air, piping, pumps, primary/secondary concepts, chillers, cooling towers, or other heat rejection equipment. (See Mechanical Systems Diagnostic Review)
  • Comprehensive assessments of uptime effectiveness, including comparisons and benchmarking with industry best in class practices. (See Site Infrastructure Operations Review)
  • Raised-floor environmental reviews summarizing the measurements of power and cooling performance of computer hardware. (See Raised-Floor Environmental Audit)


Continuous Availability Review® (CAR)


A CAR provides management with an independent, vendor neutral assessment of current and predicted future site infrastructure uptime performance. A CAR also offers recommendations for what could, should, or must be done to eliminate planned and unplanned facilities downtime. Each review includes a comprehensive investigation of potential vulnerabilities, including single points of failure and subsystems that must be shut down for maintenance. Corresponding recommendations will outline necessary upgrades to eliminate these. Best practices observed are also noted.


Mechanical Systems Diagnostic Review® (MSDR)


An MSDR is a quantitative assessment of “behind-the-curtain” mechanical system performance looking at make-up air, piping, pumps, primary/secondary concepts, chillers, cooling towers, or other heat rejection equipment. The purpose is to identify actual capacity, real redundancy, and incapacity (the portion of the mechanical plant which is running, but not creating or delivering cooling). This assessment provides the analytical basis for determining what incapacity can be inexpensively recovered. Paybacks of less than one year are typical.


Site Infrastructure Operations Review® (SIOR)


An SIOR is a comprehensive assessment of the facilities staff levels, training, and uptime and procedural effectiveness. Included areas of review are: staffing, operating expenses, specialized training, salary ranges, and frequency of circuit changes. Each of these are benchmarked with industry best-in-class practices.


Raised-Floor Environmental AuditSM (RFEA)


An RFEA is a review of the raised-floor environment most directly impacting computer hardware. The review provides summary measurements of power and cooling performance. Housekeeping, contamination, layout, IT yield, and other best practices are assessed and reported.