The Benefits of a Tech Audit

Benefits of a Tech Audit

A tech audit is more than a checkup, it’s about keeping your business’s digital systems healthy. It’s a lot like getting regular medical tests to make sure your body is running well. A lot of small problems can build up over time, and they may not become obvious until it’s too late. But a little maintenance can prevent these problems before they start. Similarly, a regular technology audit can catch issues before they turn into costly disasters.

Tech audits can also improve a company’s security, helping ensure that data is not being compromised by hackers or lost due to outdated software or poor configuration settings. It can be very easy for employees to overlook the little things that could put a business at risk, especially when it comes to cybersecurity. Studies have shown that Americans have abysmal cyber-hygiene, and many businesses don’t realize that their staff are exposing the company to potential attack until it’s too late. Having a business consulting firm perform a tech audit can help you ensure that your technology infrastructure is set up correctly and secure, and that your staff knows how to use it properly.

While most businesses realize the benefits of having an annual tech audit, it can be difficult to find the time and resources to implement one. For example, auditors might need to speak with a variety of people at the business to understand how they work, and it can be difficult to find time to do this when everyone is swamped with work. In addition, many firms rely on compensation that is based on billable hours, and this can discourage the pursuit of new technology.

One way to make it easier to conduct a tech audit is by using a software solution that can help automate much of the process. This allows the auditors to focus more on higher-level risks and to use their expertise and judgment to identify areas for improvement. Additionally, it can be a lot more efficient to have a software tool handle some of the simpler audit tasks that would otherwise take up the most time in an audit, such as the review of electronic records and testing of data.

QIMA provides a comprehensive technical audit service to evaluate a supplier’s ability to meet specific manufacturing standards or to assess the level of risk in a particular factory. Our specialist team can customise an audit checklist to suit your business, with a wide range of factors considered. This can include assessing the quality of a factory’s processes, equipment, and materials to ensure that they are of high-quality and meet your business needs.

A technical audit is an essential part of any supply chain. It can protect a business from financial loss by ensuring that products are of a high-standard and meet customer requirements. It can also reduce the likelihood of legal action by ensuring that a supplier is adhering to the law. For these reasons, a technical audit should be carried out by an experienced auditing professional.